Front Page Testimonials


“Tracy was wonderful to work with and she finished the project early. This was a memory quilt for my mother and she absolutely loves it! Such high quality and so beautiful!”

Tracy V

“I had an idea in my mind of the quilt I wanted.  It would have a bookshelf on it like the ones I have in my home.  The bookshelves would be decorated with pictures and items of great sentimental value.  Several of the books would have titles on them to show the books that most influenced my life.  Tracy took the idea and made a design.  She worked with an embroidery person to get the titles on the books.  She made me feel as if the quilt was coming from my heart and mind and she was just making it better.  She created a cherished family heirloom for me.”

Yvette E

Tracy is so creative!! She took my girls baby bedding and accessories and turned them into a quilt they will be able to enjoy for years to come. My husband and I were also able to make a custom label with a special message from us. Tracy, thank you so much for creating such a wonderful memory for my daughters!!”

Stacey G

Thanks for all your wonderful work on my daughter’s quilt! A wonderful set of memories to carry on to her college dorm room.”

Kathy G

This quilt is amazing. It represents what he stood for And what he was too many people who loved him. He is remembered often and missed in my home.”

Susan D

Tracy created an amazing quilt and was so helpful in the advice she gave me! It is a stunning piece of art!”

Karyn G

We LOVE this quilt, Tracy, and are so grateful for your beautiful work!! Thank you for making this vision come true!”

Christine P

“This is such a special keepsake for Drew! You did an amazing job and it is way more beautiful than I ever expected! You are beyond talented! He is so lucky to have this forever gift with something from every baseball team he was ever a part of – all the way back to t-ball at 3 years old! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Cynthia O

This quilt is in memory of my step dad. It is an absolutely stunning quilt. The picture does not do it justice.”

Tracy N

A treasured memory. I can see him wearing every single tie. I love my husband, Joe.”

Marcia S