Frequently Asked Questions

How many tees do I need?

The number of t-shirts or clothing items depends on the size, pattern, and budget you choose for your quilt. Some t-shirt logos are as large as the t-shirt, while others are a chest emblem. However if you have 9 larger t-shirt designs, you could create a nice size throw.

What materials do you use?

I use only quilt quality fabrics, threads, battings, etc. It’s very important to use the best supplies to offer longevity to the quilt.

How long does it take to create a quilt?

Most t-shirt quilts take approximately 6 weeks to complete.


My client’s vision of the quilt is very important to me. During the design process I will assist clients in choosing the quilt design, fabric, and batting. I make sure all clothing items and fabrics have been pre-washed to control shrinkage. Additionally I encourage clients to add a label to the quilt to mark the occasion.

What is a label?

The label typically goes on the back of the quilt. It may simply say who the quilt is for and who gave the quilt along with the date. However some people choose to quote famous figures or song lyrics or bible verses or coaches, etc. My usual request is to try to keep it under half a page.

Can I only use t-shirts?

NO! I’m able to use most clothing items. If for example, I’m concerned about a fabric, I’ll explain why it should not be included.

What type of longarm services do you offer?

My work consists mostly of hand guided all-over designs. Along with semi-custom hand-guided and template work.