Quilt Care


Load only the quilt evenly into the washing machine. Set the machine to the hand-wash or delicate cycle. Use only cold water with mild detergent. To avoid staining I strongly recommend the use of “Color Catcher” by Shout which is a dye trapping products. You may want to run an extra rinse cycle for larger quilts.


Tumble dry the quilt on low for 5 minutes. Afterward, cut open some plastic trash bags and cover an area of the floor with them large enough for the quilt. Lay the quilt on the trash bags and leave it for 24 hours making sure all corners are square.

I have no patience for this method, plus ones pet might not have patience either. I throw my quilts into the drier for 20 minutes, fold them to fit on a drying rack. Just make sure the quilt is flat so puckering and waving does not cause permanent damage. However, if the quilt is going to be heavily used regular drying is usually acceptable.

When drying flannel or “raggy” quilts clean your dryer’s lint trap often to prevent a dryer fire.


Avoid folding the quilt in the same place each time you fold it. Otherwise, the material and cotton will weaken along the fold.

T-shirt Quilts

With the regular wear of t-shirts you will sometimes experience a tiny hole. When this occurs in your t-shirt quilt, use of the product called “Fray Check” will stop the problem from expanding.

Photo Quilts/Bags

It is recommend by the manufactures of “Printed Treasures” that the fabric not be dry cleaned. I have seen these quilts washed and rewashed with little to no difference made in the quality of the print yet I would still recommend washing be held to a minimum.

Final Mention

All my quilts are made of 100% cotton and the finest threads. On the back in one of the lower corners will be my signature. I hope you have many years of warmth and hugs with your quilt!